Capitalize on your drilling investment throughout the entire project lifecycle, including geotechnical and environmental projects. DGI has the experience to provide value to shallow and ultra-deep (3000 metre) programs.

  • Maximize drilling investment by obtaining critical information sooner.
  • Extract valuable info from historic holes.
  • Improved modeling with structural and physical properties constraints.
  • Rapid uranium and magnetite estimates.
  • Magnetic vectoring for off hole bodies.
  • Volume measurements for bulk sampling programs.
  • Open pit design and optimization.
  • Monitoring stockpiles and open pit volumes.
  • Underground structural and geotechnical understanding.
  • Rock strength and fracture characterization.
  • Determine clay content.
  • Porosity.
  • Near or in mine exploration.
  • Geotechnical.
  • Ore delineation.
  • Pastefill and shotcrete line monitoring and maintenance.
  • Geotechnical and rock mechanics assessment and modeling.
  • Breakout analysis.
  • Major stress field orientation.
  • Open pits, underground mining, hydro-electric dams, tunnels, subways, bridges and pipelines.
  • Acquire true strike and dip even in zones of missing/rubble in core box.

  • Identify and measure zones of flow.
  • Map dissolved solids.
  • Contaminant tracking, monitoring and modelling.
  • Cement Bond Logging.
  • Plumbness testing.
  • True strike and dip, in-situ.
  • Ideal for contacts, veins, bedding/foliation.
  • Acquire from new or old drillholes where no oriented core exists.
  • Measure the entire borehole length, including in areas of low RQD.

  • Accurate volumetric analysis using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) permit the quantity of material added to be monitored.
  • Calculate the volume of tailings pond facilities.

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