Do the deep dive before you drill

Achieve more from your greenfield and brownfield exploration in all climate extremes. DGI’s equipment is compact and easily transportable by helicopter, argo, side-by-side, boat, etc. Common applications include structural analysis and ore/alteration zone characterization.


Diamond exploration


DGI efforts: Drilling into kimberlite, through a frozen lake on top of an extinct volcano, to sample and determine the quality and quantity of the diamond deposit. We performed a volume measurement in a 3D shape, profiling the hole and helping the client with data modeling (volumetric analysis).

Lode Gold


DGI efforts: Imaging and physical properties assessment to locate and orient ore zones — and surface VLF (Very-Low-Frequencey) survey to map structures.



DGI efforts: Full suite of imaging and physical properties logging to refine geological and 3D geophysical model.