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At DGI, we specialize in acquiring cost-effective and accurate in-situ borehole geophysical, televiewer, hydrogeological, and directional survey data. DGI has served its clients, across over 600 projects, on all 7 continents, working directly with surface and underground mines, and exploration companies, as well as on civil and infrastructure projects, enabling accurate data collection and modeling for high-value drilling and evidence-based decisions. Over time, we learned to employ the best instruments, methodology, and interpretation, to balance the need for accuracy, velocity, and cost.

  • In 1997, we saw a need for knowledge of the subsurface in North America to support mineral exploration projects.
  • We have expanded to provide distinct service offerings for mining, hydrogeological and civil infrastructure projects while maintaining an important link to our exploration heritage.
  • DGI supports its clients across the globe with locations in Canada, the United States, Brazil, and Kazakhstan.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver value and empower you to make impactful decisions. For this, we are using our expertise across borehole data acquisition and interpretation, fully leveraging drilling investment for mining, geotechnical and environmental projects (or anywhere you need to know more about the subsurface).


Our vision is to forge a new path in geological exploration, through in-situ investigation, for a clear understanding of the rock mass as it exists in the earth, driving successful projects, and improving productivity, safety, and value.

Our values



We are passionate about excellence, competence, dependability, and doing our work right the first time, delivering value for every customer


We are passionate about acquiring the highest-quality data and transforming that data sets into actionable insights for our clients.


Our highly-trained, dependable staff pride themselves on doing our work right the first time, delivering value for every customer and community.


We are relentless in keeping people safe from harm and providing a healthy work environment, with industry-leading practices and an exemplary track record.


We build strong, long-term relationships, within our own company, with our customers, partners, subcontractors, and suppliers, that are built on integrity, trust, respect, and collaboration.

Expertise in the Underground


For +25 years, our teams have amassed extensive experience working underground. Every year, we have introduced new services, in order to meet specific challenges and client requests.

We are now experts in surveying holes drilled in any orientation, from straight down to straight up, as well as assessing and containing potential geotechnical hazards.

For technologies that require fluid in-hole, we’ve developed a system to retain fluid in up-dipping holes during the survey. Flat- and up-dipping surveys are commonly utilized in the underground environment during mine development, to evaluate ground conditions proactively for better decision-making.

Applications include:

Geotechnical hazard analysis ahead of mining by drilling through the active face.

Identification of potential rock-fall hazards such as fluid-filled fractures, voids, or stringers in rock bolt holes.

Stress and rock burst analysis for Acoustic Televiewer data throughout the rock mass to be mined.

We serve amazing clients 365 days a year, in all climate extremes​


Jobs offer


We are seeking energetic and resourceful applicants for immediate and future hiring requirements. Formal relevant education and field experience is important, and technical training will be provided.

DGI Geoscience is a team-oriented company, with continuous growth leading to opportunities for advancement within the company.​ Check our current open positions below or send us a spontaneous application at:

Field Geological Technician

We are seeking energetic and resourceful applicants for the Field Technician position (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) for immediate hiring. The successful applicant will be responsible for data acquisition, assessment of data quality, and interaction with contractor and client representatives.